Bank Stock Investment Specialists and Shareholder Activists

For over 20 years, PL Capital has specialized in investments in publicly traded U.S. banks/thrifts which are undervalued and in need of a catalyst to improve performance and enhance shareholder value.
The principals of PL Capital, Rich Lashley and John Palmer, each have over 30 years experience in the banking industry.  PL Capital utilizes shareholder activism (e.g. board representation, proxy contests, shareholder proposals, etc.) to seek improvement in the performance, capital structure and corporate governance of the banks/thrifts in which it invests.  Where needed, PL Capital will advocate for changes in the strategic plan of a bank/thrift in order to enhance and/or maximize shareholder value.
The PL Capital investment partnerships strive for long term capital appreciation and are generally tax efficient (long term capital gains).
A Surprising Refuge in a
Dangerous Stock Market
Investment Opportunities in 
Bank Stocks
This Boogeyman Scares
Small Bankers

“We Have More Ideas Than Money.” That’s what John Palmer and Rich Lashley titled their most recent presentation.  You don’t hear that much today. Most of us have more money than ideas...

A summary of investment opportunities available in bank stocks, advantages to this investment and new analysis of the banking industry post financial crisis...

If you're a banker, John Palmer is the scariest ex-accountant you're ever going to see. The principal and co-founder of Naperville-based PL Capital LLC specializes in investing in small and midsized banks and then agitating for changes like management overhauls or sales...